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Telemarketing experts

Telemarketing, the roots of ResponseConcepts

Finding the right performing data for your telemarketing activities can be quite difficult. We know it, we have operated callcenters for many years

For successful telemarketing, many elements need to line up in order for your business case to be positive. You need to have the right contact rate, conversion rate, sales per hour and all of this has to lead to the right cost of acquistion.

Beneath the surface there are over 30 different variables that influence these results. Underperformance not only hurts you results-wise, it also affects the performance and motivation of your callcenter agents.

ResponseConcepts is the expert in creating successful:

  • Leadgeneration campaigns
  • Telemarketing campaigns

We form the bridge between
the right data and the performance

In order to determine your ideal type of data we look at 2 things:

Ideal customer profile:
First of all, we carefully analyze your ideal customer profile. We look at all aspects (socio demographics, criteria, interests) of your ideal customer profile to make sure you only get qualified data into your callcenter.

Agents / size of operation:
We carefully look at the size of your telemarketing team and match it with the right data and volume

In the end your telemarketing business case is about one thing only: reaching your allowable cost of acquisition

Before we start we define a customized KPI model. The KPI’s we focus on:

  • Contact rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Calls per hour
  • SPH (sales per hour)

Our only goal is your success

  • 50% of the results depend on the right data
  • 50% of the results depend on what you do with the data

We share our best practice experience with you and provide daily guidance to ensure the maximum performance on all KPI’s

Creating a successul telemarketing case using lead generation is an optimization process

Success doesn’t come by chance, but by crunching the numbers and constantly using our data analysis tools to optimize the campaign

With our data analysis technology we analyze the data and performance to constantly optimize the campaign until we the KPI’s

Your success = our success

As a full service customer acquisition agency we ensure successful telemarketing business cases for both callcenters and brands.

  • We take care of everything from A to Z. From getting the right data to reaching the right performance.
  • Our teams and technologies are specialized at optimizing all elements that influence the business case so that we reach your KPI’s.
  • We deliver you a scalable business case and build a longterm partnership.
  • Judge us on one thing only: PERFORMANCE
  • Lead Generation = Data
  • Data = Optimization
  • Optimization = Successful Lead Generation

We invite you to do a trial
and experience our approach for yourself!

  • Contact rate
    Proven strategies to maximize contact rate
  • Conversion rate
    Maximizing conversion rates by constantly monitoring and analyzing the agents experience and feedback on the dialer, and using this data to optimize the conversion rate
  • Allowable CPA
    Managing your business case within you allowable CPA

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