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Your audience, their permission

Imagine picking out your ideal consumer, and pointing your marketing activities directly to them in a personal and targeted way with their consent

Through Permission Marketing, you are able to communicate and engage with engaged and consenting consumers that match with your brand.

We help you create effective permission marketing campaigns to expand your database with new consumers that opt-in to communicate with you via E-mail, SMS, Phone or Direct Mail.

Create brand ambassadors and achieve higher ROI on your marketing and acquisition budgets

The process

Reach your ideal target audience. Through our global network of premium data collection partners we help you reach millions of consumers worldwide, everywhere your ideal audience is

  • Surveys
  • Portals
  • Wifi hotspots
  • Petition

Analysing your ideal customer profile, we help you target your ideal audience based on demographics, sociographics, current products/services, lifestyle and even concrete interests in your products or services.

  • Women aged between 25 & 45 years
  • Interessted in green energy
  • Gadget fanatic
  • Has more than 2 kids
  • Drinks coffee on a daily base
  • Travels twice a year outside Europe

Connect to your ideal audience via conscious and transparent opt-in data collection methods.

  • I wish to receive
    your offers
  • GDPR compliant

Increase brand awareness and engage with new audiences. Now you can connect with your ideal consumer, who expressed interest in engaging with your brand.

Connect via e-mail, SMS, cookies, phone or direct mail.

  • SMS
  • Postal
  • Cookies
  • Telemarketing

Your database as
your marketing tool

By making permission marketing of your marketing mix, you have a new way to engage with your audience in a personal and cost effective way: through your own database.

We help you expand your database with new consenting consumers and help you achieve your marketing goals and KPI’s.

  • Own the data, own the channel
  • Direct and personal communication with your target audience
  • Custom engagement strategies / consultancy

Full Service Permission MarketingTM Agency

360° service from strategy – execution and everything in between

  • We start
    By understanding your goals and KPI’s
  • We advice
    And consult on your data & strategy
  • We monitor
    Performance & your business case

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is becoming a key topic within marketing, causing companies to focus on compliancy and permission based marketing strategies a lot more. Collect your own opt-in data using GDPR compliant data collection methods and receive specialized consultancy and advice from our team experts

Permission Marketing is the key to effective marketing in a GDPR compliant manner

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