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When generating quality leads for you, we bare in mind the importance of keeping your call center agents happy with high quality leads and creating an effective business case for your telemarketing operation.

What is premium lead generation?

Through our premium leadgeneration technology we are able to generate highly qualified leads. Based on your criteria, you have the ability to target exactly the audience that you are looking for, allowing you to communicate with consumers that are of interest. 

The benefits

  • Generate targeted leads with our premium leadgeneration technology
  • Telemarketing leads with your ideal lead profiles
  • Increase revenue with our premium leads through your email-marketing
  • 20+ years of leadgeneration expertise

The Products

  • Co-Registration
  • Co-Sponsor
  • Dedicated Campaign
  • Lifestyle Question Survey
  • Legacy Data

Qualified leads

With our premium segmentation and qualification methods, we make sure that you only spend time on consumers that fit with your ideal lead profile.

Premium sources

We generate our leads through premium sources to target highly responsive audiences. All leads are generated in-house via unique response (data-collection) concepts.


In-house media buying

Lead generation is a process of consistent quality control and optimization. Our in-house media buying team buys traffic directly from each source to keep 100% control over the lead cycle  and optimization process.

Verified contact details

Through our internal verification- and PING technology,  you are only contacting consumers that are active and have verified contact details. (name, age, phone, email adress, postal address)

Segmentation possibilities
  • Household size
  • Current service providers (broadband, mobile etc.)
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle and hobbies
  • Income 

Target consumers that qualify

A key performance indicator to ineffective marketing, is spending your budget on leads that do not fit within the criteria of your ideal target audience. Due to our huge reach of over 200.000 filled in surveys per month in each country, we can segment consumers on their interests, needs, current situation and any other variables needed.

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