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Email as a marketing channel

Did you know that consumers check their email inbox on average 5x per day?

This means the email inbox is not only a great opportunity for your current customers to see your brand, but also your new potential customers!

90% chance that your email marketing now mostly focuses on retention and engaging with existing customers instead of new potential customers.

  • Your target audience

How much % of your total target audience do you currently have in your email database at the moment?



Show your audience your brand

Branding starts with being seen by your audience. You want to show your audience your banners when they are browsing the web, show them your ads when they are watching TV or when they are reading the newspaper, so why not also be seen when they browse through their email inbox?

Imagine having >50% of your ideal audience in your email database, that you can communicate with on regular basis.

How much marketing value would that have for your brand?

By expanding your email database with new potential customers you can use email marketing as a marketing channel.

  • New subscribers to your email database = eyeballs
  • Effective email marketing strategy = engagement
  • Personalized communication & effective brand awareness

The most preferred communication
channel of online consumers

Email Newsletters are still the king of consumer engagement based on several studies. There are 4 important reasons for this.

  1. It is there when the consumer is ready
  2. It can be highly personalized
  3. It allows for direct action
  4. It’s a direct communication channel

Comfort level of email

  • Display
  • SMS


A research executed by Accenture Interactive shows, email has the highest comfort level for consumers to receive commercial offers

2 Full Service levels

We design and create a custom engagement strategy for your email marketing team to execute

We will not only design and create your custom engagement strategy, we will also execute it for you! This means that we serve as your own email marketing team, dedicated only to your own prospect email database.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is becoming a key topic within marketing, causing companies to focus on compliancy and permission based marketing strategies a lot more. Collect your own opt-in data using GDPR compliant data collection methods and receive specialized consultancy and advice from our team experts

Permission Marketing is the key to effective marketing in a GDPR compliant manner

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